3 vital aspects of personal development and why you must pay attention to them

Alex and Rhoda Toth, $13 million. The couple accepted payments of $666,666 over a 20-year span in 1990, but filed for bankruptcy in 2006 after living lavish lifestyles in Vegas and enduring a sleuth of legal expenses resulting from family drama. The couple was later charged with tax evasion. Rhoda was sentenced to two years in prison and was fined $1.1 million.—Benzinga

Most times I talk about financial freedom and living a rich life. But, today I am going it a step further to talk about a holistic approach to development. Money is a tool, it only amplifies who you are. If you are a kind person now when you have money you become kinder. On the other hand, if you’re a bad person, money won’t change you— you’ll just become worse. 

The same goes for any habits you have at the moment, whatever you are now won’t magically change because you have money. I see people make mistakes every day and when they eventually make money—they can’t keep it. That’s why you need personal development.

Apparently, there are different aspects to personal development. These aspects extend all over your life, and for a wholesome growth, you must pay attention to each of them.

With that said, this blog will take you through the 3 vital aspects of personal development and why you must pay attention to each of them to really grow.

Mental aspect

This is the first and the most important aspect you need to watch out for. A lot of things are out there to destabilize your mental state. At your home, with your friends, at work, even during a drive or sometimes when you are on your own. You need to build a resistance to them. Nurture your mind by reading books and watching mind-edifying movies and documentaries. You must constantly invest in the mental aspect of your development. For instance, I am on a programme title “awakening your financial IQ” 

This goes to say that mental development is crucial to your personal development. You can’t go far without it. It helps to expand your worldview and open you up to endless possibilities. Don’t forget to seek help when you feel overwhelmed mentally.


Your body houses all the vital organs that enable every other aspect of personal development. Don’t neglect it for anything. Spirituality is important, the mental aspect is important, but a high level of spirituality and a high mental well being in a weak malnourished body, is a train wreck – Nobody likes the sight of it.

Therefore, exercise your body. I know it sounds cliché now but is very important you heed to healthy living. Watch what you allow into your body and how you exert it. Live healthily. Eat wisely. Also, no matter how tight your routine is, always find them to exercise- even if it is just for 10 minutes. 

Emotional and social aspect

Have you ever wondered why emotionally unstable people generally live a messy life? If you are emotionally unstable or weak, it makes your general state of life vulnerable to external and internal threats.

If your emotions are here and there, in a state of constant flux, chances are that every other aspect of your personal development will break down to nothing.

Your personal development must equally involve a drive towards social growth. How is your social circle? Do you have one at all? How well can you communicate and understand others?

Developing yourself in the community of others will help your self-esteem, confidence, and will encourage you to better yourself in other aspects of self-development.

Wrap up: 

Personal development is not walk in a park – it is not easy. There are many twists and turns. Be sure to explore all of them. Lastly, if you need help with personal development, don’t forget to ask. 

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