Know your onion series: You need a mentor

First off, it is important to note that a mentor is someone who has a walked a path, understands the paths and is ready to make the path easy for you. So why would anyone need a mentor? The answer is obvious, TO MAKE THINGS EASY FOR YOU.

Let’s just call them free consultants. You know why? You get to pay a consultant, but you can never pay a mentor for their time, knowledge and experience. They are living the life you want to live, they have finished the race you are about to start or that you are currently running.

There is no business venture that is easy to partake, but having the right mentor is very important to your success. In today’s KNOW YOUR ONION SERIES, I will be highlighting the benefits of having a mentor both in Network Marketing (Bitclub Network) and in other areas of your life. You can have different mentors for different aspects of your life.

Let’s dig in

Your mentor cares more about your results

well, that’s the basic truth. Every other person in your life cares more about you. They might be scared of “What if you fail?” they are all emotionally attached to you, it could be your mother, your father, your siblings or your partner. Their primary concern is you. But a mentor cares less about you and more about your result. Your mentor’s focus is the result they want you to achieve. A mentor has no bias, no fear, and no negativity. Instead, they even make your dream more realistic by sharing real-life experiences that are necessary for you to succeed. They have the contacts and connections you need to make it. So when others are struggling to start, you have a strong shoulder to rest on.

A mentor will make you last longer in business

according to research, 70% of mentored businesses always survive the first five years of business. and the reasons are not far-fetched, not only will a mentor warn you about negative things that might happen, you will also get to know the secrets and the shortcuts to make it faster in business. Based on experience, a mentor knows every possible survival tactic to ensure you are better than the rest.

You get the push you need

not only does a mentor want you to succeed, they also push you to succeed. It is important to note here that most mentors are good readers. So first, they give you books and materials to succeed. They occasionally check up on you. They give you guides and you get first-hand information from a reliable source. They will also keep you focused on improving your knowledge because your success is their pride.

Making the right choice

Have you ever been at a crossroad? Have you ever been lost and not having an idea on what to do? That is where a mentor comes in. They have gone through the struggles, they understand the sleepless nights. They have gone through the stress and crossroad you are at right now and they help you make the right choice. It is true that we all have different stories but principles and issues are usually the same.

They back you up financially

I saved this for the last. Not every mentor does this, but when a mentor sees you have the resources, the will power, opportunity and the only thing missing is a financial backup, a mentor can come to your assistance. This does not necessarily mean you should look for a mentor because of financial assistance, getting finance from your mentor should be the last thing on your mind.

Wrap up

A mentor is someone you have a personal relationship with. Someone who can guide you. It is also important to state here that a role model is different from a mentor. A role model is someone whom you have seen, has some peculiar qualities that you admire and you probably would want to be like. Throughout your lifetime, you might never come face to face with your role model. But a mentor guides you, a mentor leads you, a mentor inspires and lastly, a mentor shares a personal relationship with you.

I am a mentor to many people already but I am still open to mentor you. So if you want me to mentor you, jump into the comment section below telling me why I should mentor you. If you are shortlisted, you will get a call from me.

Till then, have a lovely night rest.

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