Three Reasons Your Network Marketing Is Broken And How To Fix It

Having a downtime in your network marketing business? Well, it’s time to get to the bottom of it.  I’ll be sharing three things that could have gone wrong and how to fix it. So stand up and dust your boots.  Let’s get your network marketing business back to flourishing in no time.

You’re Not Generating Enough Leads and Follow Up

The leads you are able to generate are what keeps your network marketing business alive. You need to find new people to expose your business to on a consistent basis, and after exposing them, you’ll need to follow them up consistently to get good results.  They both go hand in hand, and lagging behind in any of this will definitely break your business.  There’s no magic to it. Reasons for failure in this area is the fear of putting yourself out there, laziness or lack of focus and strategy. Putting yourself out there and generating leads is definitely not easy, nobody said it was.  But in order to succeed in this business or any business for that matter, you’ll have to go out there and meet people. Even if you take your network marketing online, I remember signing my first team member online, but I not only chatted with him, I even called him. So you will need to connect with people along the way and convince them about your amazing opportunity.  You must learn never to worry about what other people think of you, your business or your idea. The secret is developing an unshakable self-image. It is a learning process. However lazy you may be feeling, just make the connections.  That’s the one secret to success.   To attract prospects and get them to chase you, you need to appear credible.  You can do this by conducting enough research, and then provide valuable information to help and educate others without asking for anything in return. The prospects will see you as a person of knowledge and expertise, and they will want to work and associate with you. You will also need to develop a lead generation strategy. Bombarding your prospects with too much information or putting them under unnecessary pressure will only make them avoid you, as it will make you seem desperate.  Choose a marketing strategy you’re passionate about, which fits your marketing budget. You may not see results immediately, you will need to focus on that strategy and be consistent with it for the next 90 days. You can then watch your business begin to come alive.

You’re Unable To Duplicate Network Marketing Strategies To New Prospects

Network marketing is about duplication. Even after overcoming the challenge of generating leads, the inability to train new prospects effectively in order to duplicate effective network marketing strategies could pose a major problem.  You may have network marketing skills that work for you, but if your team cannot replicate them, it may hinder your success in the business.  The benefit of network marketing is that you have a large group of people performing similar tasks over a sustained period of time.  Your new recruits should be able to do what you do, so as to achieve overall success. The solution to this is to set up a simple duplication system, one that works for everyone. Your duplication system should be easy to learn, implement and teach. You need to have an effective way to train those who join you in the business so they can duplicate the success system as others join your network.  If you’re the one who will be doing the training, then you will have less time to prospect and generate leads. It would be much better to develop a system of training where those you teach would be able to teach new team members. This way, you can automate the training process to get the duplication you need. You’ll have to make sure the information is the same for everyone, so new teammates are getting the complete training and not the watered-down version.  The best way to do this is to get your direct prospects started right.  Work closely with them and give them access to all the tools and information they need. Help them get their first prospect, show them the ropes until you are satisfied. Simply put, invest in your direct downline, and make sure they continue the chain.  With duplication, you have less control over every action of your downline and more time on your hands.

You Require A Higher Level of Commitment and Consistency

 One reason your network marketing is broken? You’re probably putting in less work than required.  Since network marketing is so efficient, yet so inexpensive to get started, it is so easy to get carried away and not take the business seriously. It’s also very easy to give up when the going gets tough, but it’s obviously not profitable.  Network marketing is a business, and it should not be taken lightly. It requires commitment. You need to invest in yourself and your business.  Invest in books, educational materials, tools, software and even paid advertising to mention a few. You’ll need to invest your time, learning everything you need to know about the business.  Reading this article is a good start. You should never stop learning and improving yourself if your goal is to be successful as a network marketer. Attend training and seminars, read books, get yourself a mentor.  Successful people are always willing to help others move in every industry, Network marketing included. Find someone already successful at what you do, and engage him or her to share success secrets with you. Be accountable to your mentor, as this will help you stay committed. It will also give you more understanding, and understanding the business will help your business grow at a more rapid pace. Consistency is one of the most important qualities for business success. Network marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, so you must give your business the chance to expand and grow through consistent daily action.  You should have a daily work routine you stick to which should be dedicated to income-producing activities. This will create a new and productive habit and will make building your business much easier to do. When you remain consistent, your skill grows in direct proportion to your experience and you can only get better. Work on your low points, and don’t forget to celebrate your victories and successes.

Wrap up

I’m convinced you’re ready to mend your broken network marketing business with these new solutions.  Success belongs to those who are willing to keep learning and who are ready to try again.  So you’re on the right path friend.  Generate more leads, duplicate your network marketing strategy and remain committed and consistent.  Then watch your network marketing business bloom.

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